Agreement Of Deposit

1. High mobility: The contractual deposit in RMB is with flexibility features and for corporate clients, after opening transactions of the deposit agreement in RMB, their daily billing operations are always free of impact, while funds remain free to enter and exit as usual. All companies, institutions, public bodies, military departments, social organisations, qualified independents can apply for a contractual deposit in RMB transactions. Bank deposit contracts are similar to guaranteed investment contracts (CICs), except that they are issued by banks and not by insurance companies. The issuer (the bank) guarantees the investor`s return on investment and pays a fixed or variable interest rate until the end of the contract. In the meantime, the bank is striving to get a higher return on the investment than it is willing to pay to the investor. In general, the return on a bank deposit contract increases with the length and size of the investment. 1st bail. This is the payment of the down payment. There are no predetermined quantities. Deposit contracts are not mandatory; but it is much better to do them, because they are usually one of the most important steps before the officialization of the sale.

In many cases, the goal is for one or both parties to feel safer from the date an agreement is reached until the notary signs the purchase. Like GICs, there are a large number of bank deposit contracts, and they generally bear administrative fees, investment management fees and fees to offset credit or anticipation risks. Second, bank deposit contracts allow withdrawals in certain circumstances before the expiry of the contract (for example.B. when the owner retires, is disabled or experiencing some kind of hardness, or when the sponsor of the pension plan who buys the bank deposit contract is experiencing some kind of financial difficulties). 4. Computer systems automatically establish appropriate relationships between customers` billing accounts and their agreement in RMB accounts.