Rent Agreement Compulsory For Hra

No rent required for rents of less than 3 thousand per month. Only the HRA return is sufficient to request a tax exemption. No rent required for rent up to 3 thousand per month. Renter number PAN, turnover stamp, rent required for monthly rent above 8,334. Suppose an employee lives in x city and pays the rent and his parents live in the city and pays the rent. Can this employee claim both the rents of the house, that is, for his own rent, and the rent of his parents? I need your advice on this particular case – I pay 14,000 DS as a total monthly rent – of which 12,000 of the Rs.12,000 goes for rent to the owner and 2,000 R. goes to the broker (who is also related to the owner – a PoA) – he calls it as furniture fees. It also says that the rent payment will be given for Rs.14,000 in total (while in reality only 12,000 goes to the owner of the house) the rental means the subsidy of the house, if you are an employee and you stay in a rented accommodation, then you can apply for exemption for the rent paid. The rent may be partially or totally tax-free. Hello sir, I work with a company. I get HRA 20000 pm . My actual rent is lower than the Rs 1 Pro Anum Lake. For the solicitation HRA consuption my Eployer asks for a copy of the rental contract.

is necessary if I pay m 2300 pm . Please advise you. As for Sir I I am employed in defense, and my wife sent in paramilitary force and at various stations, both unused government quarter. Can we claim the HRA? Check the rental agreement, the PAN number should be mentioned. Please note that if the worker is staying in his own house or does not pay rent, he is not entitled to the aforementioned exemption. Hello, I`m an employee, my employer pays me HRA, I stay in the business quarters, but I live alone here and my wife and daughter stay in a rented house in another city in another state, so can I apply HRA for tax exemption? Please let us know. Thank you in advance. You must post the rental receipt required for the rent each month between 3001 and 8333 per month. Each HRA rental receipt must have 1 rupee turnover stamp with the owner`s signature.