Sample Agreement Between Landlord And Letting Agent

8. I/we understand that the agent is responsible for the cashing of the rents that apply to the above tenancy, and credited these amounts, reduced by the agent`s commission, to the landlord`s bank account or as dependent on the other hand. This does not require the agent to pay the amounts withheld by the tenant with respect to the rents due, unless the sums are withheld because of delay on the part of the agent. 24 hours in advance, once I fulfill the contract between the owner and the owner 1.1 By concluding this agreement with us, you will provide us with different pieces of personal data that we need to facilitate the quality service you ultimately need, successful rental and/or property management. Age This concerns a person of a certain age (z.B 32) or an age group (for example. B 18 – 30). Disability Legislation defines people with disabilities when they have a physical or mental disability that has significant and long-term adverse effects on their ability to perform normal daily activities. Gender Change This refers to the process of moving from one sex to another (from a man to a woman or a woman to a male) and falls within the aspect of equality, which is described as a gender identity. Marriage and partnerships marriage is defined as a formal union between a man and a woman or two persons of the same sex. Same-sex couples may also have legally recognized their relationships as «civil society partnerships.» Life partners must be treated as married on a wide range of legal issues. Pregnancy and maternity Pregnancy is the state of pregnancy or waiting for a baby. Maternity refers to the period following birth and is associated with maternity leave in the employment contract. In a context where women not only work in the workplace, they are also protected from discrimination on the basis of motherhood 26 weeks after birth, which means treating a woman unfavourably because she is breastfeeding.

Race In legislation, this refers to a group of people defined by their race, skin colour, nationality (including nationality) or ethnic or national origin. Religion and religion of faith retain their usual meaning, but faith includes religious and philosophical beliefs (for example. B, atheism). In general, a belief should influence your life choices or how you live so that they are included in the definition. People without religious beliefs are also protected, Sex This refers to a man or a woman. Sexual Orientation This refers to a person`s sexual attraction — they are attracted to people of the same sex, another sex or people of both sexes. Although it is defined in legislation as a person`s sexual attraction, sexual orientation is a combination of emotional, romantic, sexual or emotional attraction to another person. 7. I/we understand that the agent prior to the rental will establish a schedule for the condition and inventory of the property and, after a rental period, take another inventory before the tenant of the property.