Sample Software Support And Maintenance Agreement

If you are looking for a contract that includes software development and/or licensing, as well as support and/or maintenance, see: In addition, the software owner must provide the service provider with access to the necessary computers and a reasonable amount of time to remedy these software errors. PandaTip: The software license guarantee contained in this model defines all the guarantees contained in the software maintenance contract and documents all the conditions under these guarantees. PandaTip: The termination clause in this software maintenance contract model documents all reasons for termination as well as any termination requested by any of the parties participating in this software maintenance contract. If, at any time, no payment has been received for conditions that have not been agreed between the parties, this is an infringement and is grounds for termination of this software maintenance contract. This document is also available in standard and long versions. If the service provider acts as a processor of personal data about the data provided by the customer, you should either use one of these longer documents or supplement that document with a data processing contract. The customer may be required to cooperate generally with the service provider and may also be required to grant the service provider access to its COMPUTER systems necessary to provide maintenance services. The service provider acknowledges that the owner of the software may have provided confidential or proprietary information on the computers or in the software to be waited. PandaTip: The signature sections of this software maintenance model allow you and the software owner to sign this agreement from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

As software maintenance contracts go, this one is short, simple and easy to use. All notifications regarding this software maintenance agreement are made in writing and are sent to the responding party either by person, e-mail or email, to the following addresses. Any changes or costs resulting from corrections or an exchange of errors in the software will remain the responsibility of the software owner throughout the agreement. In the event that one of the parties to this agreement, during the duration of this agreement, constitutes an offence because of uncontrollable circumstances, including, but not limited to, floods, hurricane, theft, terrorism, earthquakes or other acts of God, the party must inform the remaining part of this offence and will have a maximum of 30 days to remedy this offence before further action can be taken. Software Support, Maintenance and Consulting Contract All warranties contained in purchases made during the duration of the software agreement are included in this software maintenance contract and are subject to the same conditions as this one. The following facts are the reasons for the complete termination of this contract. More detailed information on how maintenance services should be provided is provided in the Schedule level service. This schedule includes topics such as regularization, the provision of notice regarding the publication of updates and upgrades, how to provide/apply updates and upgrades, and the consequences that the customer refuses to apply or have applied updates and upgrades to software.