Western Sydney Local Health District Service Agreement

The NSW State Health Plan contains instructions and strategies to achieve these public health goals. The Western Sydney Local Health District Board is led by Richard Alcock and twelve board members, who bring a wealth of experience and local knowledge to the management of our LHD. WSLHD Health Services Planning and Development WSLHD-HSPD@health.nsw.gov.au wslhd.health.nsw.gov.au (02) 8890 5555 The objective of the framework is to describe the current role of health services, provide agreed rules and guidelines for health service planning, and adapt the future role of hospitals and health services to both the district`s strategic directions and the health needs of the population it serves. A coherent supply system for the Western NSW Local Health District has been developed to ensure the provision of safe, accessible and equitable services to western NSW residents. The clinical services framework will serve as the basis for the provision of clinical services by 2020. Our patients and our community need a better health experience. Population Health Needs and Strategies South West Sydney: Our Health – An In-depth Study on Population Health Now and In the Future South West Sydney: Our Health – In the letter SWSLHD Health Snapshot 2016 SWSLHD – NSW Comparison Health 2016 SWSLHD Health Cultural cultural Community and Refugee Health Implementation Plan 2016 SWSLHD Mental Health Strategic Plan 2015 – 2024 Wollondilly Health Needs SWSLHD Regional Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan to 2025 We will further invest in facilities and services, health technology and research and education. We also plan to connect more effectively with partners in our health city. Closer links with primary care networks and other health care providers will ensure that patients receive the best possible care, whether at home, in the community or in the hospital. The NSW Rural Health Plan was developed to strengthen the capacity of NSW`s rural health services to provide seamless, networked care that is as close as possible to regional, rural and remote NSW communities. In the Western Sydney Local Health District, we plan to provide more resources to priority groups with significant health needs, including children, adolescents and families, people with mental disorders, the elderly, Aboriginal people, people with chronic and complex illnesses, and people with different cultural backgrounds. We strive to meet and exceed the performance expectations of our service agreement with the New South Wales Department of Health.

We invest in our business to ensure that we adapt to the expectations of consumers and suppliers and modern knowledge for a better health experience. The Health Services Plan: Growing Good Health in Western Sydney outlines our long-term plans and priorities for health care in our hospitals, municipal health facilities and home services until 2026. The RAP talks about what our organization can do to contribute to reconciliation in Australia. It will help us develop a safer and more culturally tolerant workplace that will help improve service delivery to Aboriginal people, their families and communities. The Board of Directors welcomes your comments and suggestions. Please contact us by email at the WSLHD Board Secretariat at WSLHD-BoardSecretariat@health.nsw.gov.au We are facing a growing burden of disease, increasingly complex chronic diseases and a growing demand for health care.