Education Loan Agreement

If all parties visit the HDFC Credila office to sign the Educational Credit Agreement documents, you must also bring the following documents: The last step to obtain your EDUCATIONAL LOAN from HDFC Credila is to visit the HDFC Credila office to hand over all the original documents mentioned above and sign the Educational Credit Agreement documents. Also refer to the point (If you do NOT have checks from this bank account, be sure to request additional checks from your bank as soon as possible to avoid any delays in obtaining the amount of hdfc Credila educational credit. In some cases, banks may take up to 2 weeks to provide you with the additional checks.) After receiving all the above details, HDFC Credila can prepare your final loan documents. These loan documents must be signed by the student, all co-borrowers and the guarantor (if applicable) by visiting Credila`s office. If the student and one of the co-borrowers are in different cities, you should plan to have multiple cities sign original educational credit documents by sending them by mail or making sure all parts are available in a city on the same day. If you don`t plan this properly, it may delay them in getting their money in time from HDFC Credila. HDFC Credila has transferred the educational credit allowance to the university/university`s bank account or issues a draft on demand based on the information you provided in the FAO. (See step 4). For any assistance on the above topics, please contact your customer advisor or write to us at You should also provide accurate details on how the fees are to be transferred to the university/university and to you by providing accurate bank details, for example. B the method of payment such as bank transfer, change of claim (payable in which city), etc.

All this information is readily available from the university/university in the admission package they sent you. Determine the exact date on which you want to benefit from credila`s payment….