Subject Verb Agreement Exercises Ssc

8.(c) What will happen instead of were, since «with» will take the verb after the first subject. 12. A large number of new species (a) / have yet to be discovered by scientists in different parts of the world. (c)/ No error Solution: the error is in part (b) of the sentence. «A number, a large number, a large number of» is always followed by a plural subnumer as well as a plural verblage. In part (b), the verb should be «to be» instead of «is». (Singular passports do not refer to the singular «Golden Eagle Bridge», but to the plural «thousands of vehicles». Therefore, the correct verb will be «pass.») Rule-5 If the word ENEMY is used in the sense of «armed forces» of a nation with which the country is at war, we must use the plural verb. For example, the enemy was forced to withdraw. Even in the singulated compartments, we use a plural code. 7.