What Is No Win No Fee Agreements

The first step is to consider your events before requesting copies of your medical records from your GP and all treating hospitals. Once the records have been reviewed and discussed with you, we will ask the medical experts to report on the standard of care you have received and any injuries, if any, that have been caused by errors. Expert proof is also required regarding the condition and prognosis. If the evidence supports an allegation, the allegations are presented to the defendant for a response. It may be necessary to initiate proceedings before the courts. Depending on your injuries, we also make sure you get the support and treatment you need to help you recover or improve your quality of life where possible. We will keep you informed of all aspects of your case and will not do anything without informing you. If you lost your claim, you would have to pay your own legal fees and expenses, but you would not normally have to pay the other party`s legal fees. «contingency fee arrangements» are different. A no-win, no-fee agreement is a contract between a lawyer and a client who pursues a civil action.

As a general rule, the agreement is that if the customer fails to pursue his claim, there are no legal fees to pay for him. No gain, no fees labor law agreements are usually different from no gain, no personal injury, clinical negligence or professional negligence.. .